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VOC ProShield™  is a complex custom coating solution that can be formulated to meet any desired use, specification, and color.  

VOC ProShield™  is used in athletic fields, playgrounds, landscaping, dairy, equine, road, rail, marine, construction, military training, and ballistic barriers.


Searching for a scientifically engineered formulated coating that protects from

off-gassing into our environment and leaching into wastewater,

open water or groundwater?  



Uses: Products
American Football Stadium

VOC ProShield™ coating is specifically designed as infill for synthetic sports fields, track fields, and playgrounds.  VOC ProShield™ improves wear tolerance, prolongs playability, and improves safety and shock absorption.


Highland Cattle

Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. VOC ProShield™provides a coating of safety for all dairy applications, including bedding and matting while enhancing the quality of product and deliverables.

Riding Lessons

VOC ProShield™ is utilized in Equestrian arenas, workout areas, animal bedding facilities, and flooring systems, providing a comfortable non-slip and washable surface.  


Designed to improve the overall lasting look of fresh bark, while protecting your trees and plants from harmful chemicals, VOC ProShield™ is used in landscaping beds. Available in several colors to match any natural environment.



VOC ProShield™ is impervious to water, making it the most environmentally conscience product for coating recycled rubber fenders, bumpers, and beams.

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage


It is scientifically formulated to reduce volatile organic compound off-gassing or leaching into groundwater.  VOC ProShield™ maximizes performance while minimizing health and safety risks associated with military training and ballistic shooting ranges.

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